בחרו עמוד

A Golden Opportunity – A Torah Scroll within your reach

In the ark of the synagogue a Torah scroll sits affronted.

Due to problems caused over the years, the letters have been affected.

Some of the ink has been erased. The heat and humidity have caused

distortions. The scroll can be repaired – but it is waiting for a


For a modest sum a great deal professional work can be invested in the Torah scroll to refresh it and change it from being disqualified to

being fit and proper for use. From old to new.

Jewish law considers the repair of a Torah scroll to the writing of a new one – with its rewards and merits. In addition, technically speaking, today there is very sophisticated equipment that gives the parchment and the writing a beautiful appearance and long-lasting durability – so much so that it is hard to know if the Torah scroll is a new one or an old one.

תמונה מס' 20

If you are interested in having a Torah scroll repaired, or being one of the participants in a Torah scroll being repaired and renovated, our staff will be happy to serve you. (Thereafter, the Torah scroll will commemorate both of you – the original owner and the renovator.)

Our staff is very experienced and well versed in all the common and uncommon problems in the area – and it is guided by Rabbis (- the supervising body of the Va'ad Kedushat Stam). Torah blessings will accompany you in all your endeavors and in the merit of the respect that you have given to the Torah, may you live a long good life, a life of happiness and prosperity, charm and honor.

We will give you our opinion in advance as to the type of repair necessary for your Torah scroll and a breakdown of all the costs and the time necessary for its completion.

If you know of several Torah scrolls that need repair, we can come to you to give an appraisal.

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